April meeting

Walked-re-encounters, EL Bolson Valley, Catamarca, Argentina. April 2022.

In April 2022, we finally managed to meet in person after working collaboratively and remotely during the Covid-19 pandemic. This was a 4-day event entitled ‘Walked re-encounters: walking stories between words and the land,” which took place in the El Bolsón valley, Catamarca.  In addition to project members, participants included colleagues, collaborators, and residents from El Bolsón, and Argentinean and French institutions and work areas. The activities included significant place visits, open air seminars and discussions, community meetings and talks, and a wonderful closing event at the Museo Rural Comunitario de Barranca Larga, with music and song, readings, screenings, dance, and a final party. We followed a ‘walking methodology’, to de-stabilise categories, foster new connections and explore our attachments, integrating academic and indigenous methods of knowing, attending, and caring for the landscape. This event was a fitting preliminary conclusion for our project, creating an open, dialogic, and participatory space to discuss future avenues for intercultural and interdisciplinary collaboration. The event was covered by the Argentinean Research Council media: